Project Description


Inland Pest Control knows that wasps and hornets are not only a nuisance, but are also a danger around your home or business. There are many different types of wasps and hornets that we deal with in the Southern California area that are aggressive in nature and often sting as a way to protect themselves. This is why it is essential that you use a professional pest control company to deal with these dangerous flying insects.

Inland Pest Control uses the latest treatments and technology to rid your property from the infestation of bees and wasps. We can also provide you with an ongoing treatment to prevent future infestations of these pests.


Wasp infestation can’t be ignored. Their nests are usually found in upper corners of doorways, underneath roof sidings, and patio covers. This allows them to easily enter your residential/commercial property and even create nests in multiple places of your property’s interior and exterior area. They can cause structural damage by chewing through walls and ceilings. Apart from structural damage, they can be a danger to the people near them.


Similar to wasps, these pests can be found in high places such as treetops and the inside of your attic. However, hornets are also known to nest underground. Hornet venom can be tremendously potent. So if someone inadvertently disrupts an underground nest, the results could be catastrophic, especially for individuals with allergies.

Yellowjackets Yellow,Jacket,Wasp,Insect,Isolated,On,White

What makes yellowjackets unique from other winged insect species is that they can sting you multiple times. Their stings are really painful and even if you were never allergic to yellowjackets, you can become allergic after getting stung. This makes them very dangerous.

Many people think that they can handle these infestations with a spray bottle. Without professional protective gear, the proper tools and products, it can result in a dangerous situation. Let our expert handle the problem! The infestation will be completely eliminated, and you won’t have to risk a dangerous attack. Contact us today to eliminate your Wasp/Hornet infestation permanently.

How We Treat Wasps

  • Locate and remove nests – once the nest is removed, the pests will no longer have a reason to continue residing within your property.
  • Spray common nesting areas – We know what are the areas these guys like to reside in, so we’ll spray these areas to prevent them from creating nests.
  • Baiting – Many times, these pests can be stationed to multiple areas of your property. In this case, baiting will come in handy. This will allow us to lure them to a trap rather than us going around looking for them all.

How to Prevent Wasps

  • Water and raw wood are elements that attract wasps. Try keeping these elements away from your property.
  • Try not to plant flowering plants around patios, pools, or decks.
  • Use caulk to fill in holes around your residential/commercial property that can be used as a nest.